Thursday, July 9, 2009

the guru chews


Nancy Schutt said...

hey Jodi!
got yer message yesterday- i think i will be in Wyoming on Sept 5- not positive yet but looking that way.
I"ll keep you posted, will know soon.
watched the BB videos- why don't you put one up on my Dog Song on youtube as a video response. It helps me hugely to get video responses because youtube makes you a featured vid if you get a lot of public response, espec. video responses.
rate me too! 5th star below vid
and make a comment.

seee you soon for walk w BB and S and W?

Nancy Schutt said...

hi Jodi
the new babe is really cute too.
I really liked your videos, BB getting her butt scratched is great, but espec liked your commentaries on all of them. Dog as Buddha.