Saturday, October 25, 2008

how I knew they were dogs

is I smelled their butts but seeing these dogs with decorations on them was kinda confusing. Even my friend Earl who I am sitting for treats with in the first picture had a weird smelling fur attached to his head. He didn't seem to mind.


pawlosza said...

Love the stories and dogs costumes! Mine does not like to wear anything but his fur

Humpmaster E said...

Hey Berreta wats up: Hey sorry it's taken soo long for me to shoot you a line I've been pretty swamped with eating and sleeping, i've been getting in a good amount of chase in, but I've been trying to create some more time for sleeping, let me know if you find any tricks to getting more of that in your day. And how do you get the time to do so much blogging, I don't think that guy likes it when I use his computer, well then get me my own, I've been trying to drop hints but he just keeps giving me a treat (which is cool) or opening the back door, they can be so clueless some times can't they. How bout that "Dogaween", more like suckaween. Although I think the Bitches really dug my hair, sorry I should be more politically correct Bitches American. Hey next time you sleep over we got to work out this bed situation I was all fucked up when you slept in my bed, it's all good lets just talk about it first.

Your Bud

Hey bring more of those good bones over, I'll get after that guy to hook up some lake action.